Many of the famous card games invented by Hipe can be played with a deck of 52 playing cards. While they all use the same basic strategy, they have their own unique objects and play styles. For instance, in Eleusis, players pick single cards from a deck and figure out if they are legal or illegal. Other games, like Snap, require you to determine the dealer’s intentions. The HOPE Cardgame uses an ingenious system to make it possible to play both Solitaire and Snap.


There are a variety of psychological benefits to playing Solitaire by Hipe. Most importantly, it gives your mind a purpose and keeps it occupied during times of boredom. Boredom can lead to negative consequences in our lives, so playing this game is a great way to curb the feeling of emptiness. Solitaire has been around for many years, so it’s a good idea to pick up this game for yourself today.

The most famous type of Solitaire involves building. Building involves placing one card on top of another in a legal move. The moves involved vary depending on the game and the type of cards that are used. After all, this process will allow you to reshuffle the deck three times per game. As a general rule, avoid the empty slots to the right of the Kings. When playing Solitaire by Hipe, melbet you should also maintain the same order of the rows.


Despite the eminent reputation of the Kings card game by Hipe, there are many differences between it and the classic version. A few of these variations are:

Aristocracy rules require players to use the proper titles for their opponents. In this case, Tom becomes Mot and so on. Dyslexia rules call for people to refer to each other backwards. So Tom becomes Mot. Players who fail to observe this rule must drink. The normal forfeit is a drink. When rules are broken during the game, players lose a drink. However, creative rules are the essence of Kings.

HOPE Cardgame

The HOPE Cardgame is an interesting deck-building game with a futuristic theme set in future Europe. The players take on the role of faction leaders, competing for control of the continent. They build decks that are tailored to the specific play styles of their factions. The Aliens, the game’s villains, are bloodthirsty monsters from the deepest underground. They attack humans’ fortresses, either in the subway or in the ruins of their towns. Each faction has its own strategy for winning and scoring.

The HOPE Cardgame by Hipe comes in a beautifully sized box that measures 64mm x 95mm. The box is complete with a sheet of stickers featuring KindSide art, as well as a handwritten thank you letter from the founder. Each Hope Card can be used for various purposes, including mental exercises and affirmations. The HOPE Cardgame by Hipe has something for everyone, regardless of age or gender.